chicken biryani

hi everyone im here again to share my recipe of chicken biryani.

lets begin

starting from 1 to 15 pictures i will explain and give u the recipe.


2cup rice basmati

1whole chicken cut into small pieces

ginger,garlic,jiru powder,dana powder,red chilli powder,whole jiru,shaan biryani massalo.everything of this spices 1 tbsp.

half tsp of tumeric powder.

salt as u need (carefull shaan masalo is salty too.)

1cup yogurt

2 potatoes


3 tomatoes medium

food colouring

fresh coriander

oil sunflower.


wash ur chicken and marinate with all spices and yogurt.keep for one night or half hour if u want urgent.

then in a pan put 1 tbsp of oil and add chicken and let it cook in low flame.when is done and oil coming up put the blended tomatoes.and then let it release the oil again.

then cut the potatoes in small squares and fry in little oil in frypan until little red.then cut the onions  moon shape and fry in same oil.

cook rice with little salt in it.boil until is half cooked.

when chicken ready then set the biryani.

first rice then chicken then potatoes then onions then coriander leaves and then rice.then on top put the rest of oil from onions and food coloring.

you can boil eggs and put on top of ur biryani.uts optional.

then cover with foil and lid and put in low flame.until 30 min.

serve hot with salad and coke.😁

and its done😍

















Peanut curry with prawns


When i was living in africa there was so many yummy food we use to have.

African style and with less spices.

Iam so used to this curries i have to make it and make my family try….and trust me they like it so much.

So now its ur turn to try…

Pls make it for ur family and u can enjoy with plain rice or chima(corn flour).

Ok lets begin

2 cup peanuts

3 tomatoes

3 onion

6 bird eye chilli

1 tbs tomato paste

Salt to taste


Clean it and wash properly.

For frying prawns 

1 tsp red chilli powder


Garlic ginger paste

1/2tsp tumeric powder

Mix all well and fry the prawns

Now lets start the curry

Crush the peanut like this

And remove the skin

Now lets grind it

Until turn into a powder and then add water little by little and then sieve it.

You will see snow white milk coming and beutifull thickness too.

Do until ur all peanut are sieved and only skin bits left.

Put the pan on the full gas and add salt u will need to stay near there so it doesnt spill out.

When it start to boil stir it well so dont stick in the pan.

After 30min slow the flame and add onion tomato and paste and yes chilli.

Let it boil in low flame for anothe 30 min

Add fried prawns and taste salt.

Keep stirring it all the time so it doesnt get sticky at the bottom of the pan.

When the curry turns thick then its done.

Its ready to serve

Eat it with plain boiled rice and salad.

Bom apetite😊


Eggplant ravaya

​Eggplant ravaya

Fry onion in nonstick pan (cut in skuares)add little chunks of prawns,add dana powder jiru powder and tumerik powder whole jiru and adu lacan everything one tablespoon.and salt as u like.

Let it fry for 2 min
Then cut the eggplant from top until before the stem.make 2 cuts.

Pour all the prawn massalo in each eggplant.and cover it.let it cook in slow flame and turn after u see the other side is soft.

And serve hot with roti.


My histoy

Hello everyone,

I love to cook thats why i writing this blog,my english not good but pls apologise me for everything.

When i was little i never cooked at members used to cook so i watched them.

Today im so mad about cooking even thou im not that perfect.i want to share my little knowledge in this.if anyonegets help then im very happy.